Car Rental tips


Rent a car during the holiday is so convenient; it’s also effective and economical. There are many car rental companies in Australia to choose from: Avis, Hertz, Thrifty, Budget, Red Spot and Eurocar Car Rentals.

1.   It is best to buy Zero Excess when you rent a car in Australia. Some places need to rent E-Tags. Some highways in Australia need to pay, but there are no Toll gates in Australia. You must pay for tolls using E-Tags or using an E-Pass.

2.   If you do not have an electronic pass and use Toll roads, you must pay within three days after use. Electronic tolls are available on most motorways throughout Australia, but it is best to confirm with local road and traffic authorities before getting on the road to avoid penalties.

3.    Basic Car Rental Requirements: A valid driver's license by Australia, a credit card used as a guarantee, and passport as proof of identity.

4.    If booking on the internet or by phone, the regular car rental company will issue a contract form stating the details of the car hire, the number of vehicles rented, the number of days and the exact location of pick-up and drop-off, remember to bring this document. In general, the most convenient pick-up and drop-off locations are at the airport, when make the car rental agreement required to pick up car or return car at the airport.

5.    Check the condition of the vehicle before taking the rental car at the airport, check the brake, steering, light, spare tire, oil, water tank and other components, but also check the car has no damaged and the oil is Full box. After checking the vehicle and signing the contract, the car rental contract will come into effective.

6.     It’s also best to equipped with GPS navigation system. This navigation system can be rented from the rental car company.

7.    If a child needs a child seat, you can also rent a child seat at a rental car company. When renting, please mention how old is the child, please keep in mind that child seats can only be installed in the back seat.

8.    Return the car is simple, as long as the car rental company checks the car, after confirmation, the key can be returned.

9.    Must pay attention to the settlement of oil costs, usually before the car was refueled, fill up the petrol at the nearest petrol station, avoiding the extra trouble of clearing oil costs, and car rental companies usually more expensive than petrol stations.