Holiday in Australia Tips


1.    Australia Helpline 000, call this number only in emergency, it can contact the police, ambulance or fire station.

2.    To use a taxi is best to call in advance.

3.    If you want to go to a particular restaurant, it is best to book a table.

4.    Cross the street in the city center, please press the traffic light button,

5.    In Australia, Australian likes to say Good Day to everyone for greeting.

6.    Australian like to say No Worries, it means its ok.

7.    In some restaurant, tips can be paid according to personal preferences, you don’t have to pay. But in public holidays usually has service surcharge.

8.   People who riding Motorcycles, motorbikes, motor scooters or Bicycles in Australia are required by law to wear helmets and wear protective clothing. Always use lighting and warning lights at night. If riding on the road, follow all road signs and traffic signals, including speed limits. When changing lanes or overtaking has to use the indicator, and if it is a bicycle, use your hand as an indicator.

9.    Please do not park in the disabled spot if you are not a disable person.

10. Please park the car properly into a car spot, do not park in the middle of the road or middle of the carpark.

11. If parking in the city center or any car park, please read the payment standard and pay by the standard.

12. According to the law, drivers must rest for 20 minutes after driving for two hours each day, the driving time for each day shall not exceed 9 hours, and the rest time should be over 12 hours.

13. After use toilet, please flush and please put the paper towels into the trash.

14. Please do not make loud noise in public places, incase disturbed others.

15. In Australia, usually give priority to women and children.