Driving Tips in Australia


1.    Remember Australia help hotline is 000, which can be used only in emergency.

2.    Australian driver's seat is on the right, drive on left of the road. Please remind the driver at time.

3.   If you driving in Australia roads and suddenly meet ambulance, police car or fire truck having sirens on top, please pull the car on the side and let them go first.

4.  When driving at night, you have to do driving alcohol police test, please stop the car by the side road safely, do not get off, just only need to open the window and do it.

5.   Children under 7 years old can only sit in the back seat and must sit on children's safety chair.

6.   If there is a car let your car go first, please give a gesture to say thank you (similar to the hi-five gestures raised you hand).

7.   Do not speeding when driving in Australian road at any time, but you should not be under the speed limit too much in case to get a fine of obstruction traffic.

8.    Whenever possible, the car must be courteous to pedestrians and the pedestrians who are waiting to cross the road.

9.    Remember that each car cannot exceed the maximum number of passengers carrying by that car.

10.  Australian law requires every passenger in the car has to fasten seat belt, otherwise a fine will be imposed.

11. When the vehicle is driving at a high speed on highway, the driver cannot just look at the car in front of him. He should look beyond the car and pay attention to the traffic and traffic information in front of him and prepare for the change in advance.

12.  Driving on the highway, do not be too close to the car in front, and reserve a strain distance just for safety.

13.  If there is not in a dangerous situation, please do not Horn the car.

14.  Please Indicated when turning car or change lane of driving, make it easy for other drivers.

15. If you drive from the small road into the highway, please catch the speed of the highway as soon as possible to prevent the back of the car hits you.

16.Generally not recommend the use of the opposite lane overtaking, please use the overtaking lane. But if there no overtaking lane and you really need to overtake, remember not to overtake in the corner, must be in the Straight road, and the driver must be able to clearly see the opposite lane no car. If in the middle of the road is a double solid line, absolutely not allowed to overtake.

17. If you encounter road works, please do not overtake, please slow down and follow the roadside signs.

18. In some small roads in Australia if there is no speed limit card, the default speed will be 50.

19. Some junctions (especially small town roads) do not have signs, please be sure to stop at the junction wait and look. When see the STOP sign, or at the junction of the white solid line, have to stop the car.

20. If there are two lanes in the same direction, drive in the left lane if don’t need overtaking.

21. If you stop your car in a remote place to speak on phone, be sure to lock your car.

22. At driving is prohibit to make calls, answer calls or send and receive message.

23. Please prepare plastic bags in car, if there is no trash in tourism places please put rubbish in plastic bags.

24. Travel by boat, speedboat and other water transport, have to wear life jackets.

25. Travelers please pay attention to safety and best to buy a travel accident insurance.

26.At Midday, at dawn, at midnight these three periods should avoid driving. when feel fatigue, stop the car and have at least 10 minutes rest. If you still feel tired, take a nap in the car until your spirit is restored. For safety for yourself and others please do not be drive if you feel fatigue