Procedure of Enter Australia Customs


Procedure of Entering Australia Customs

Entering Australia Customs:

1.    When the plane is about to land in Australia, the flight attendant will issue an Incoming Passenger Card to all passengers. Passengers must complete the form in English. The signature on the incoming passenger card must match the one on your passport.

2.    Australia's address usually writes your hotel address, if you live in relatives and friends, please write down the address of relatives and friends.

3.    At the customs, pass the "Passenger Declaration" passport and immigration card to the customs, must truthfully answer the declaration on the form, fraud is very likely to be accused of the court.

4.    When the Australian customs staff asks you questions, you have to answer according to the real situation. After the customs stamp on the passport, it means you have successfully entered Australia.

5.    After passing the entry examination, carry baggage to the border inspection office for “inspection”.

6.    After the border inspection, you can go out and meet your friends.



Border quarantine, items declare and items contraband:
        Agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture are very important to Australia. Therefore, animal products, fruits, plants and food that are susceptible to animal and plant parasitic diseases are not allowed to be brought into the Australia. If seized by the Customs, will be sentenced to a considerable number of fines and even imprisonment.


The following small list some things that are not allowed to carry into Australia:

1.    It is strictly prohibited carry meat products, sausage, bacon, beef jerky, preserved pork and so on into Australia;

2.    It is forbidden to bring any part of plant or plant, such as wood products, seeds, fruit kernels, roots, straw, etc.; soil or objects that containing soil;

3.    It is forbidden to bring in Animals, birds, insects, fish, animal limbs (dead or alive), skin, feathers, bones, shells, corals, eggs, animals Samples, animal drugs, biological samples or microorganisms, honey products, etc.

4.    It is forbidden to bring animals and plants belonging to the protection of international conventions such as ivory and related products.

5.    It is forbidden to bring into illicit drugs, drugs, weapons, steroids, etc.

6.    It is forbidden to bring in illegal audio-visual products (piracy) or illegal publications.

7.    It is forbidden to bring in any fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk.

8.    If carrying any kind of food, please fill in the Passenger Declare card of Australia so as not to be fined.


If you carry the following items or carry the following items over the limit, you must declare and may pay taxes:

1.     More than 250 grams of tobacco (equivalent to 200 cigarettes) and more than 1125 ml of alcoholic products;

2.    Carry more than 5000 Australian dollars cash or equivalent in foreign currency into Australia.