Travel with International Airplane


1.  Taking International flights is best to arrive at the airport three hours in advance for check-in procedures. Luggage over the required size or weight must be checked in, if the luggage is oversized or overweight you have to pay extra.

2.  Economy class guests free baggage allowance is usually 20 kg; the Max carry weight should be subject to the air tickets. When packing the luggage, the daily necessities, changing clothes, fruit knife, etc. placed in the checked in luggage. In addition, put some unique marks on the checked in luggage is easier to find your own luggage.

3.  The total weight of the hand carry suitcase can’t over 7 kg, please put more valuables and fragile items or items to be taken at any time into the hand carry luggage. For example: medicines, cameras, batteries, passports, air tickets, cash and other valuable stuff, please be sure to carry by yourself, not put in the checked in luggage.

4.  Please do not deposit cash, jewelry and other valuable stuff  in the checked in baggage, because if the baggage is lost, the above items are not covered by insurance.

5.  If money is lost or being stolen at the airport, it is necessary to go to the Lost and Found department of the airline airport sign up or request a loss certificate for compensation.

6.  Before checked in the luggage, the old carrier strip on the baggage must be torn to prevent misunderstanding, in case your luggage transported to the wrong the event of baggage loss, damage or delay, please be sure to keep the luggage tag, Ticket, baggage report form, in order to carry on the follow-up processing work.

7.  Items that are forbidden to be transported as baggage are: firearms, military or police types of machinery; explosives; controlled knives; flammable and explosive materials; poison products; corrosive materials; radioactive materials; other items that endanger flight safety , Such as strong magnetism, a strong irritant odor items; and other goods that  laws and regulations prohibit to carriage or transport.

8.  When broadcast to board, please take you own boarding pass line up to board. After entering the cabin, please seat on the seat with the boarding pass seat number, do not change.

9.  If there is a special need to adjust the seat, please wait for all other guests sit down, and then get the flight attendant to help you coordinate.

10.Even if the seat is changed, please do not change the boarding pass because your name is on the boarding pass.

11.Before the air craft Take-off please turn off the phone, computers, cameras and other related electrical equipment, and fasten your seat belt, safety instructions provided by the aircraft to identify the use of safety equipment that on top and under the seat and emergency exits.

12.When the air craft Take-off and Landing, the seat belt has to be fasten until the word "FASTEN SEAT-BELT" is turn off. It is forbidden to smoke in the air craft throughout the flight.

13.When taking off and landing the airplane, be sure to straighten the seat back and put the tablet back into place.

14.Do not worry about getting off the plane. When it’s time to get off the plane, the captain will turn on the lights to wake up everyone.

15.Using the toilet on the plane, please note that the toilet light on the top of the corridor, green means no body, and red means someone using toilet. Do not knock the door when "OCCUPIED" is marked on the door; "VACANT" means no one, then you can pull the door in. Of course, do not forget to lock the door. After using the toilet Press "FLUSH" flush button to rinse; Toilet is absolutely not allow smoking.

16.If you want to talk, please talk softly, in case to affect other people rest. When the plane bumps, please sit back to your own seat and fasten seat belt.

17.The drinks and food in the airplane is free to enjoy, please get the suitable amount and do not take away; if you need service please press the service light, do not call out loudly.

18.During meal time, please put your seat back upright so the people behind can enjoy the meal, and drop down the small board in front of you to enjoy you meal. Please try not to walk in and out of your seat at the meal time. After dining, please put things or boxes back into the tray and lay them flat, do not pile things too high, make it easy for Flight attendants put it back to the cart.

19.After the plane taking off, you can be put down the seat and have a rest, there is a blanket on the seat, remember to cover yourself not to catch cold. Inside the plane is a bit dry, please drink more water.

20.There is a button on the seat, after pressing it, flight attendants will come, do not shout. In addition, during long flights you need to get up properly and stretch yourself a few times.

21.General there is a pocket behind each sea, they is cleaning bags, please put all the trash inside, do not litter. If not feeling well, contact the flight attendants.

22.There is movie to be watch on the plane, the left button on the armrest controls the music channel and can switch on the reading light on the top of the head.

23.When the plane nearly arrives in Australia, the flight attendant will give an immigration card to each person, please fill in the card using English, try to fill it all in the airplane before landing.

24.Please do not bring any left-over food from the airplane to go through the customs. Pack your luggage before the plane begins to land, do not move around when the plane begins to land. Then be prepared to carry important documents and the immigration card. After get off the plane please follow the signs, it lead you to go through the customs.

25. About getting the checked in luggage, please check the display, it showing the number of turntables to pick up luggage. Each display has three columns above, the first column is the airline's logo, the second column is the flight number, the third column is the number of the turntable to pick the luggage. Matching the flights to get the turntable number. Luggage usually come out after 20-30 minutes out of the plane, please wait patiently, if there is lot of luggage you can go find a trolley first.

26.After baggage will enter the Australian border inspection, the main point of this inspection is the check the checked in luggage has no prohibited items. Generally need to line up, please pass the card you fill in the airplane to the service staff. If they asked you to unpack, please open your luggage. If the food you bring is prohibit it will be confiscated, and the person under inspection may look for something. Do not worry, let him check it. Do not hurry after the inspection check, slowly pack up all the things, do not forget things. After luggage check out you can go and meet your friends who come to pick you.

27.My own experience is that when sorting packages, pack food stuff together, if you really need to open the package inspection will be more convenient, do not waste time.