Tips for staying in Australia Hotel


1.  When staying in hotel, please do not check in more people of room limit.

2.  Keep your valuables with you, otherwise put in the safe of the main desk or in the room (keep the key and remember the safe code).

3.  Close the hotel room door at any time, check out the hotel please return the key to the reception desk; do not let strangers get into the room.

4.  Some hotels need to enter the room card into the elevator then press the floor button, please pay attention to carry the room card. The button "1" in the elevator is generally the second floor of the hotel, and the button "G" is the lobby of the hotel.

5.  Recognize the entire safety exit when you stay at a hotel, to be familiar with the evacuation signs such as hotel safe passage and emergency exit; do not take the elevator in case of fire.

6.  Before leaving the hotel, please ask the hotel front desk for hotel business cards or write down the name and address of the hotel, and carry it with you so that you can go back to your hotel easily after going out.

7.  Cold tap water in Australia can usually be drink directly, but warm water in the bathroom can’t be drink directly and needs to be heated before drinking. If you not use to the local tap water, you can also buy local mineral water. If you have the habit of drinking hot water, the hotel generally has an electric kettle.

8.  The hotel room generally have pay-tv and free TV, if the TV has "PAY" or "P" channels are paid channels. If you need to use pay TV, please ask front desk for fees, methods of operation and precautions to avoid unnecessary losses.

9.  Having a shower in hotel room please put the curtain bottom into the bathtub, if you accidentally make the water flow and wet the carpet, it will need compensation. Please close the door when having shower, to avoid steam go out to the outside and touch the smoke sensor alarm, if the police car arrived you have to pay the police car costs.

10. Hotel rooms absolutely no smoking, please do not hang the laundry on the window or on the balcony.

11.Australia uses a voltage of 240/250 volts AC 50Hz, the hotel socket is the three-phase flat socket, if need to conversion socket, please prepare before traveling or purchased in the Australian shop.

12.There are several different types of towels in the hotel, generally the largest use to dry body, the smallest use for hand or wash your face, the thickest is use as the Ottomans.

13.Accommodation hotel with breakfast, usually Western-style breakfast buffet, please line up to take food, do not cut the line. Australians are very offensive food waste phenomenon, if you not sure the food is suitable to you or not, it is recommended to take a small amount to taste first, please do not bring food out of the buffet.

14.When eating with a knife and fork, it is not appropriate to waving the knife and fork to speak, do not use food knife to send food into the mouth, should use a fork. When eating try to make less sound, if bones, fishbone, etc., should be placed on the plate, not placed on the table, in order to keep the desktop clean.

15.Australia hotel is quite comfortable. Generally provide towels, shampoo, soap, etc., but usually do not prepare toothbrushes, toothpaste, slippers and other personal items, please bring your own.

16.The items in the minibar or fridge in the room need to be paid separately, please note this.

17.The phone in hotel room is free for room to room calls, but the external calls need to be paid. The external calls made in the room are all credited to the account by the hotel computer. When leaving the hotel for processing, please pay to the hotel reception by yourself.

18.Do not make loud noise in the hotel lobby, hotel floors, and public areas, please whisper to avoid local people misunderstanding and call the police.

19.Leave the hotel, please check all the belongings (such as documents, cell phones, wallets, glasses, slippers, chargers, jackets, bank cards), and avoid returning to the hotel again and delaying the trip